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Tip #17. Avoid Alcohol, Tobacco And Caffeine

Many people these days try to reduce or manage the stress with the use of stimulants which in abundance can be found in most foods and drinks we consume. While cup of coffee in the morning may have a positive effect on your energy level and mental abilities, it can also cause insomnia and sleep deprivation. You should avoid alcohol, nicotine (smoking tobacco) and caffeine as much as possible because these stimulants have alerting effect, they disrupt sleep and prevent you body from effective relaxation. Caffeine means not just coffee but it’s also can be found in many teas, cola and soda drinks, chocolate and energy drinks.

If you can’t avoid some of these stimulants completely then at least try to avoid them in the evening within 4-6 hours of bedtime.

Most people think that moderate consumption of alcohol has a calming effect on your organism. It indeed may speed up the beginning of sleep, but your sleep will not be as restful. You may end up ruining your next morning if you wake up feeling dizzy. Don't drink and you will be more likely to wake up refreshed in the morning.

It should be noted that effect of these stimulants is very individual and the best way to find out who your “sleeping enemies” are is just to try and avoid these food and drinks for some time and see if your sleeping improves. Simple logic says that the more effective your sleep is, less time you need to sleep and completely “recharge” your organism, and earlier you can get up.

Added: 7/7/2007 7:23:02 PM

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