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Tip #39. Strike with Overwhelming Force

Here comes the king of all tips. If you still fail to wake up early but haven’t lost the hope, try this one...

When everything else fails, it’s time to get to serious military tactics. One known military tactic is called overwhelming force, or rapid dominance. It’s simple, yet it’s more powerful than any other tip. If you still wonder how can it be, here is the answer. Overwhelming force means using ALL possible tips altogether, at the same time. Want to wake up early? Go use all 35+ tips listed on this site in one morning. Yes, it’s overkill. Yes, you could get the same results using less resources, less time, less money. But it’s exactly the idea behind the overwhelming force: by over committing you eliminate any chance of failure. You can guarantee the end result with 99,99% probability. You dominate. That’s how it works, and when you need something really bad, you should get to overwhelming force tactics.

Just as many other tips listed here, this tip is "universal", that is, it works not just for early wake ups but in many other life situations. It works extremely well for acquiring new habits or reaching goals that seem to avoid you. Let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds. You buy a book on how to lose weight and read it, but reading alone and the knowledge you have gained doesn’t change your weight yet. You start doing regular exercises but it doesn’t help. Okay, if it doesn’t work you turn to a diet. After some time you see no results and decide to try that special $39.99 herbal tea. Guess what? There are probably 9,999 other tips on how to lose weight, and if you try it one by one it simply won’t work. But if you try several tips at the same time (the more the better, just be careful not to hurt your health) your chances to succeed will grow immensely. It’s the nature of how human mind and body work. The more your mind is engaged, the more likely is your body to respond. The overwhelming force in fact is not so much about putting your body under the stress as it’s about making your mind to focus on something and keep that focus until the result you wanted is achieved. If all you do to lose weight is exercise once a day, you will seriously think about losing weight once a day. If you do 10 things during the day to help you lose weight, your mind keeps thinking about it much more often and from different perspectives. And since everything starts in your mind... You’ve got the idea.

But let’s get back to early rising. I’m sure if you try at least half of the tips listed on this site, you will be able to wake up early. Well, at least once... If you do not want to do it all, then you are probably trying to make it easier for you to justify your staying in bed in the morning. There is nothing bad in it, it just means you are not yet ready to commit, and time for dominance has not yet come.

If you believe your time has come, Steve Pavlina has a great article about using overwhelming force approach for reaching your goals. I highly recommend it for reading. Here is just couple of quotes:

Think of all the personal resources you can use to apply overwhelming force to one of your goals — your intelligence, intuition, skills, talents, time, money, family, relationships, reputation, assets, environment, etc. If you find that you’re stuck in a stalement vs. the resistance working against you (whether internal or external), then perhaps it’s time to apply to the strategy of overwhelming force and just get the job done. Bring enough of these additional resources online until you reach the point where you not only feel you’ll overcome all resistance — you feel certain you’ll squash it....

...Ask yourself, "What would it take for me not only to achieve this goal but to absolutely dominate it?" What would you consider overkill? Imagine your goal as if you’re planning a battle that you MUST win, regardless of the cost. Write down what you think it would take to be certain of success.

Sweet dreams and happy early wake ups to you all!

Added: 9/28/2007 11:53:44 PM

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