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Tip #6. Take A Nap In The Afternoon

This tip may not work for all - some people just can't fall asleep quickly enough at day time. Give it a try and watch your body reaction. Studies show that 20 minutes of afternoon nap gives more rest to the body than 20 minutes of sleep in the morning. Use this powerful refreshing tool to get energized till the end of the day. Best time to take a nap is midday, otherwise you risk to shift your sleeping pattern.

It's recommended that you sleep for no more than 30 minutes, or you will feel drowsy after waking up. Use an alarm clock until your body gets used to the afternoon nap.

Once you get accustomed to sleep at day time, you will fell that you need less time for the night sleep, and getting up early will become much easier!

Here is couple of links to articles discovering the power of taking a nap (btw, sometimes it called "power nap" :) -
At last, an excuse for the afternoon nap
Power Napping for Increased Productivity, Stress Relief & Health

Added: 6/9/2007 3:20:12 PM

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James S. says:
6/9/2007 3:20:12 PM
Quite often finding a place to take a nap is a problem. I have a friend who goes to nap in his car just outside the office!
Bob says:
6/11/2007 11:00:44 PM
I usually take a power nap in the afternoon after I had short night. Knowing that you will be taking a break to sleep later today helps me to get up early even if I was asleep for only 5 hours.

Dina says:
6/16/2007 10:36:12 PM
I would only recommend it to the people who have very active life style, who exercise or walk/run a lot during the day, or spend most of the day on fresh air. If you have got insomnia this tip will likely make it worse.
mel says:
1/25/2008 9:56:27 AM
Doesn't work for me, if I take a nap during the day I always have a headache when I wake up and feel even more tired than before... I get sleep paralysis everytime I take a nap, and a few times out of the week when I sleep at night...

skid-steer-guy says:
5/29/2008 6:49:03 PM
The problem is if I take a nap in the afternoon, then I can't get to sleep at night. I've found that simply putting the alarm clock across the room and forcing yourself to get up is the only thing that works for me. Once I'm up, I don't mind being awake and actually enjoy being up early - just not getting up early!
How To Become An Early Risers says:
4/17/2011 7:47:39 AM
I can never take a quick nap in the after. Firstly i work at the office. If i took a nap i am sure to be fired. But it seems interesting and something to consider for the weekend.

health information says:
4/20/2011 12:31:27 AM
Well its really suit me to taking a Nap in the Afternoon but not in winter.
Thanks for information.


Legea says:
5/17/2011 12:38:44 PM
For me this never works. Always when I get an afternoon nap I end up having a sleepless night

Charleston says:
9/9/2011 6:55:09 AM
Couldn't agree more that taking short nap energizes us but somehow it keeps me fully awake the whole night which was horrifying lol.
yiche says:
9/24/2011 11:34:34 PM
Couldn't agree more that taking short nap energizes us but somehow it keeps me fully awake the whole night which was horrifying lol.

Dalia says:
7/16/2015 7:28:15 AM
I'm sorry you're having a hard time gettnig back to your routine. I know myself, LOVE, being on a routine. It takes me a couple of days to get back on it when I stray. As far as the running part, well I have to do everything within my power to keep up with this fine physique that I have. XOXO Bacon

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