The early morning has gold in its mouth.
- Benjamin Franklin

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Self-improvement site for early risers - how to sleep well, wake up early and what to do then...

Tip #1. To Wake Up Early, Go To Bed Early

Taking on the goal to wake up early while you keep going to bed after midnight is the way to failure. Not only you become frustrated soon, but it may seriously damage your health. Remember, your body needs time to rest! Going to bed early can be a problem in the beginning, but after you actually start waking up early, then falling asleep in the evening will become much easier. How often you can't fall asleep in the evening on a day when you woke up really late? Many people who have trouble waking up have solved their wake up problems with this simple technique.

The studies also indicated that how much you sleep before midnight is twice as important as the number of hours you sleep after midnight - one more reason to go to bed early.

Take this first step to self-improvement! Keep reading this blog for more tips for waking up and getting out of bed.

Remember that old nursery song?

Go to bed early -- wake up with joy;
Go to bed late -- cross girl or boy.
Go to bed early -- ready for play;
Go to bed late -- moping all day.
Go to bed early -- no pains or ills;
Go to bed late -- doctors and pills.
Go to bed early -- grow very tall.
Go to bed late -- stay very small

Now if it's late evening or even night - turn off your computer and go sleep! Internet is the most alluring sleep distraction, experts say.

Added: 6/1/2007 3:20:12 PM

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present says:
9/1/2007 6:39:34 AM
Cool blog, keep up the good work!
walmart homepage says:
9/3/2007 9:49:26 PM
This the most common of all the tips. As they say, Early birds catches the worm. Well, its sure is. Nice blog!

Solace says:
9/14/2007 7:10:05 AM
Hmm... Im a night owl and often am most productive between about 10pm and 2am, so I guess its different for everyone.
auto parts gee says:
9/18/2007 7:50:05 PM
I think that is what we called "discipline". I can't understand people hanging out late at night then the next morning complaining how bad is their sleep was...duh!

Colorado Mortgage Guy says:
10/12/2007 9:02:57 PM
See, my problem is I love the nighttime. It's so much more exciting than the day. There's so many good T.V. shows and I'm relaxed in my home and I'm not doing anything too stressful. So I enjoy the night much more than the day so that is the root of my problem.
Mike C says:
10/13/2007 5:53:15 PM
I hate waking up early it is one of my least favorite things to do in the whole world but only when I have to go to work.

Robberto says:
11/4/2007 2:39:43 PM
For me going to bed early is THE most important factor in sleeping well and waking up early. Whenever I do both, the whole day seems longer, more lively, more energetic.
Stephen says:
12/9/2007 7:21:59 PM
Why is it so important to wake up early? I am a musician and am playing until midnight or 1 am 4 or 5 nights a week. After playing a four hour gig, it's not really possible to just get home and fall asleep instantly. How is it possible for me to wake up "early"? Do you really have to wake up early to be productive (I really want to be more productive)? Does everyone who is productive never go out to concerts, the opera, or other experiences that take place after their productive bedtimes?

Greymac says:
12/29/2007 5:06:22 PM
I love getting up early -- but some days I am just dragging. On those days when the alarm goes off, I take a quick shot of an energy drink while I'm still in bed (I like the baby 2 oz ones in the morning). Then, even if I snooze a bit, I'm wide awake in five to 10 minutes. Power to the people who can pop out of bed through sheer willpower -- but try this trick if you need a bit of help!
João Garcia says:
1/21/2008 5:55:47 PM
Just started reading, and I'm already liking it. Keep up the good work!

Dwayne Charrington says:
2/12/2008 8:28:01 PM
Hmm. I find it really hard to go to bed early, I mean I can go to bed early and I usually try. When you have someone to sleep with like your girlfriend it makes sleeping more comfortable and easier.

Company can be a big factor in getting or wanting to go to sleep earlier, at least for me it is.

- Dwayne Charrington.

Laety says:
2/21/2008 10:20:46 AM
I know this is the best one...I just wish I would fall sleep when I decide to go to bed early...

Anton Trey says:
3/2/2008 12:51:16 AM
It is does not work with me (( If I go to sleep in 10 pm at evening I will wake up anyway not earlier then 8-9 o clock in the morning,I think if you want to get up early, you must work hard at evening, it work wizz me.
Artur says:
3/9/2008 3:12:36 PM
As my grand parent says:

"go to bed early and you wake up early"

Well sometimes, i go to bed earlier and i wake at 7H00AM and if i go to bed at 2H00AM i wake up at 7H00 as well.

I must have an bioalarm inside of me, dont you think ...

Is there some way to stop it?

Jack Benson says:
4/8/2008 2:36:57 AM
I'm on day 5 of a theoretical 30 day trial to become an early riser. I'm following pavlina's advice and going to bed when tired (typically between 10 and 10:30), and waking up @ 5.

The latest I've slept in so far is 5:30, and I'm feeling great about the extra time in the morning.

david johnson says:
4/24/2008 4:11:29 PM
Great tip, I've been going to bed after midnight for years, I tend to get some good work done after midnight.

TMJ says:
4/26/2008 7:23:05 PM
This works great but now I have been waking up everyday at 3:00 am. I have been trying to go to be a little later but I swear every morning at 3 I wake up. And then add another 1/2 hour to fall back asleep. I can't win!
lebanon says:
5/8/2008 6:54:48 PM
hi there
thanx for your post,i was looking for real solution how to sleep early
but what can you do if you can't sleep at night?
most of my time i sleep 5am morning....this is really bad and my health getting bad
i stop drinking cafe ,some times i sleep earnly but the most time at morning!

fly fishing flies says:
5/9/2008 7:07:37 AM
I recently left the corporate world where is worked different hours each week. I seemed that no mater what I did I could not sleep well and was always tired. Since then I sloop has gotten better and there are many great ideas on this blog to make it even better.
Games to Play Now says:
5/19/2008 10:30:50 AM
I know this tip about going to bed early is a pretty fundamental one, but I have really even feeling tired before around 11pm - the only exception being if I'd got up very early and then perhaps been having some alcohol during the course of the day.

I would like to get up early though, I know I seem to be much more productive on the rare occasions that it does happen!

Sharon says:
5/20/2008 4:42:05 AM
ouch, I am having a real hard time getting back into a routine of getting up early in the morning, it is like a circle without an end, not able to sleep until late at night and then the morning after having a hard time getting out of bed.

working hard on getting some routine back into that, especially since I prefer waking up real early and take advantage of the most productive stage of my brain

hyip monitor says:
5/27/2008 11:09:01 PM
I go to bed early but I am not able to sleep for two to three hours. At that time I usually smoke. So getting to bed early is not helping me at all.

Freezilla says:
5/30/2008 2:57:22 PM
Thanks, there are really great tips, but for me its really difficult to go to bed early. My day and night changed placed. And now i'm really don't know what to do!!!
Christopher says:
6/4/2008 1:42:32 PM
Man, this is the hardest part for me!
I'm gunna try to get to bed on time tonight!

chris rowlatt says:
6/11/2008 7:04:37 AM
Routine I find is more important than time you go to bed, as long as you go to bed at the same time every night you will feel refreshed as your body clock needs routine.
Abdominoplasty New Jersey says:
6/11/2008 10:14:02 PM
Great post...I especially like the nursery rhyme...when my 3 and a half year old starts acting up I will have to sing it to him

Sharaz says:
6/15/2008 1:35:36 PM
Im dreadful at waking up early and have been looking for a way to change that im starting at tip 1 and im going to work my way through the whole blog in my mission to become an earyl riser.

Thanks for setting up such a great blog!!!

Hotel Motel for sale says:
6/18/2008 8:23:08 PM
Remember Song.

Go to bed early -- wake up with joy;
Go to bed late -- cross girl or boy.
Go to bed early -- ready for play;
Go to bed late -- moping all day.
Go to bed early -- no pains or ills;
Go to bed late -- doctors and pills.
Go to bed early -- grow very tall.
Go to bed late -- stay very small

Get Up Earlt Clear Your Debt!! :) says:
6/22/2008 6:45:56 AM
Well I have read (and DUG ) your aricles, and I guess the main motivation for getting up early is Success - can do so much more awake eh ;).

The Sun wakes me up, I use to had that but now it's great as it does indeed get me up much quicker lol.

Anyway hope all is well, people Digg the articles if you like them.


Dan (Calibration Services) says:
6/25/2008 2:41:57 AM
Like a few of the comments on here. I am also a night owl! During the week i do most of my work after 10 and at the weekends i do most of my sleeping during the day! There's something about the tranquillity of solitude which the night brings on.

hot tub says:
1/29/2011 11:29:32 PM
Funny that I came across this post at almost midnight, but I too like to get up early, but most times life just doesn't allow some one to go to bed early. I guess, thank god for weekends Night all
Squiffy says:
2/9/2011 7:11:24 AM
This is a good tip! I'd also add that it's good to avoid watching TV or using a computer before going to bed. The bright light from the screen causes your brain to make melatonin - or stop making it, I'm not sure - but either way the effect is that you can't get to sleep. Reading a book on the other hand, I find does the trick. For ages I thought this was just due to books being less interactive than computers, but recently some research about melatonin came out, confirming my worst suspicions.

Insomnia Medication says:
3/11/2011 5:36:23 PM
I used to hate to get up early, and that's when i would lay in bed for hours before I would fall asleep. Now I go get in bed right before I need to go to sleep, and I get a much better nights sleep. it is a psychological mind trick that helps you get back into a good sleeping habit.
wireless keyboard with touchpad says:
3/17/2011 5:43:11 AM
Yes, it is a great tip for the development of good habit of early rising. Health is the great wealth, people should keep in mind this fact if they want to make a great contribution for its betterment. Your article will give me a new idea of utilizing my time instead of spending it too much on my business of wireless keyboard with touchpad.

Keona Laboy says:
3/24/2011 12:25:39 PM
I have been not consistent in waking up early. But on the days that I do I noticed that I had gone to sleep early. Some days I go to bed early and cannot sleep. And then I wake up late. It's necessary to fall asleep early.
Kalle says:
3/26/2011 3:20:21 AM
There are some things about going to bed early. You have to find your body's rhythm. If your body feels tired at 10pm, go to bed at once. I do that and wake up around 6am.
However, if I go to bed at 9pm, I wake up at 3am and I am quite tired during the day. It is also important to understand that you need to do things fully hearted. If you don't, you will never succeed.

Walk to Mammoth Mountain says:
3/31/2011 11:50:04 PM
This the most common of all the tips.I think that is what we called "discipline". I can't understand people hanging out late at night then the next morning complaining how bad is their sleep was. I am agree for all the wake up early that good information
Bed frames UK says:
4/1/2011 12:16:16 AM
My tried and tested method is to have my dinner before 7pm. When your stomach is full, it needs to work to digest the food, and you will find sleeping to be very uncomfortable. If I feel puckish near to bed time, I just drink some tea or make a fruit shake. Also, exercise before dinner is pretty effective as well. After a good run, you wolf down dinner like a starving lion, and the body uses all its energy to digest the food, lowering your blood sugar in the process. By the time the food is digested, you’re already preparing yourself to end the day with a well deserved sleep.

Cheap Price SEO Service UK says:
4/1/2011 11:36:34 PM
There are some things about going to bed early. You have to find your body's rhythm. If your body feels tired at 10pm, go to bed at once. I do that and wake up around 6am. This post gives truly quality information. I’m definitely going to look into it. Really very useful tips are provided here. Thank you so much. Keep up the good works.
Susan smith says:
4/29/2011 11:12:31 PM
So my husband gets out at 12 am from work, so I can't go to sleep early.. I am worried that he won't come home because of an accident or whatever but I have to wake up early at 5am to go to work. Because of that I have gained 40 lbs I am so depress what should I do HELP PLEASE !!!

tvreplay75 says:
5/5/2011 2:43:35 AM
Waking up early is a very good thing and depends on everyone in person to do that, I think everyone can be selfmotivated to get up, to do things, to enjoy of everything, and I also think that sleeping is a waste of time, we need to rest, of course, but we also have to enjoy the life and every opportunity, so wake up, smile and do what you like to do!
Kethy Jewel says:
5/11/2011 3:39:58 AM
Well said! Wake up early is Always good thing. And you expanded very well. Let me pay out much more awareness in your weblog and bring in the item to be able to my close friends afterwards. Many thanks!

Ajay says:
5/12/2011 4:11:40 PM
If your biological clock is not tuned to waking up early then you can do nothing. So the best option is to listen to your internal biological clock and get tuned to it.

If you have a very good night sleep then you are guaranteed to wakeup early. It all boils down to the sleep which determines the early wakeup.

Good Sleeping Habits says:
9/2/2011 5:36:55 PM
You've hit the nail right on the head with this one! Having a regular sleeping schedule is probably the most important sleeping habit to have.

It is most natural for us to follow the day/night cycle, something called the circadian rhythm.

Jenny says:
9/25/2011 7:51:07 PM
This is a very sound advice. A lot of people who complain about not being able to sleep at night tend to forget to try waking up early. Turn off the lights early so as to promote melatonin production to allow better sleep. Usually a change in habits would be much more beneficial than sleeping pills.
Mark says:
9/29/2011 3:36:05 AM
This blog helped me a lot to raise My child earlier, this is a great blog..............

Peter says:
10/27/2011 7:25:12 PM
I am having a hard time in going to bed too early because of my insomnia but i still manage to wake up early but the problem is i have a shortage when it comes to sleeping.
Edward Johnson says:
11/6/2011 10:57:34 PM
This is by far the best strategy to implement to wake up early. Our body need at least 8-10 hours of sleep. If this system is not met, the chance for us to wake up early is small because our body needs to extend the hours of sleep. We should sleep early to met the 8 hour requirement.

Filmari Nunti says:
12/3/2011 12:11:28 AM
I`m agree with you "Sleeping Dude" ;)

If I sleep too late in the morning I wake up tired.
The best hours for sleeping are between 22.00-07.00. When I wake up I feel very well rested.

Thanks for the post Sleeping Dude!

YTark says:
11/29/2012 3:21:14 PM
Nice info!

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