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Tip #12. Use Multiple Alarm Clocks

It’s not an easy thing to get up right after wake up alarm goes off. What many people do is they use multiple alarm clocks or multiple alarms. Many alarm clocks today have this ability to set multiple alarms at different time and use different tunes for them. Here are some tricks on how to use multiple alarms.

Start with setting 3 alarms, with 5-10 minutes between alarms. For first alarm put slow, calm tune. Most likely you won’t even hear it, but it will do its job – you will start waking up. With second and third alarms volume and tempo should go up. Don’t set too many alarms. Being asleep you still usually can count to three, and can recognize last alarm. This is your final chance to wake up. Having 5 or 7 alarms can play a trick with you – you won’t realize which alarm is last and can sleep through it.

Here is another way to wake up easier in the morning that may help you. I use 2 alarm clocks, and I put my second alarm clock in another room. The need to turn it off before it starts waking up the whole family automatically becomes my “next action” to do as soon as first alarm goes off. I get off the bed quickly because I know in 5 minutes another alarm clock in another room will go off, and that’s not what my relatives will appreciate.

It is a good idea to use several alarm clocks when you have very important things in the morning that you cannot miss no matter what. For example, if you leave on vacation, you don’t want to miss your plane or train. Everything breaks at some point, and alarm clock is not an exception. You don’t want that to happen to you on the day like that, so use two or three alarm clocks, just for backup. It's a good idea to take a travel alarm clock with you also.

Most cell phones, radios, tape recorders, watches and even TVs have built-in alarm clocks these days. Some of advanced devices, like Sonic Alert SB200 Sonic Boom Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock come with special features like adjustable tone and volume control, high/low dimmer switch, backup batteries, dual timers and even bed shakers!

Want a 100% wake up? Gather every alarm device you have in the house and your chances to wake up will be extremely high ;)

Added: 6/24/2007 09:58:16 PM

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